November Meeting

Today’s meeting went pretty well I think, though it was short due to the event next door. We discussed the new HPUG website (you’re looking at it) and some good sources for news and updates about PalmOS software. Finally we covered a bit what a “blog” is and how it’s changing where you can get your news and what sort of information you can get online. Here are some of the sites we covered:

Palm InfoCenter
Probably the best PalmOS news site but the quality has gone down a bit lately. Usually good comments on the articles
PDA Buzz
Currently experiencing technical difficulties, but a really good all-around site. Very active forums and good timeliness with breaking news.
Used to be the best around but is now seldomly updated.
The Gadgeteer
Great and very thorough reviews of gadgets in general but they most always cover the latest PalmOS units.
Visor Central
Good, but visors themselves are dead, so there’s not a whole lot happening on the site anymore.
Treo Central
The best resource I’ve seen for Treo news and resources.
Palm Gear
In my opinon, the best place to browse and buy PalmOS software. At the meeting we couldn’t get this site to pull up, but now it seems to be working just fine again.

After that discussion we went to the Microsoft event next door that talked mainly about Office 2003 Personally I was underwhelmed and disappointed, but I’ll write more about that later.


  1. Palmgear has a lot to offer….unfortunately they burned a bunch of developers when they went through financial troubles, collecting sales receipts for 5 months without sending the developers their money. To date they still haven’t paid this money owed, although they managed to have enough funding to buy another company (Palm Digital Media). In my opinion, any company that steals from the developers – and this is what they did – does not warrant being called the best. If developers aren’t paid for their efforts they can’t afford to do the programming, and everyone loses – support retailers that do pay their suppliers on time and completely rather than snakes that try to stiff others. Just my humble opinion…..

  2. Very sorry that happened to you. I didn’t know about that at all. What software site do you recommend?

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