December Meeting

Thanks to all who came out and brought food. Our meeting which was shared with the Web Technology SIG actually had a bit more content than I expected. We covered the Christmas PDA rankings, had a discussion on the best cell phone service and PDA/phone combinations available, and finally a bit of information from Christopher Hurtado about his thoughts on Graffiti 2. If you took any pictures at the meeting please send them in and I’ll attach them to this entry. I hope everyone has a great holiday!


  1. Hello. I am a long time PalmOS user, just graduated to a Tungsten E from a Handspring Platinum. I enjoyed getting the E setup the way I like it, I particularly like the Launcher X UI enhancer as compared to the standard PalmOS UI.

    My question for the group is: “What is the best way to add wireless access to the Tungsten E? I did not want to spring for the T3 and I am not certain which protocol will catch on 802.11b or Bluetooth. I assume that there is an SD slot plugin that will provide either.

    Any insights are helpful.

    I live in Tulsa, there is not a usergroup here, but I am in Houston alot on business.


    Jeff Moon, P.E.
    Tulsa OK

  2. How do I become a member of this user group? I tried registering but never received a response.


    Jeff Moon

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