Updating Links

Got this email from someone at PalmOne today:

Dear Palm User Group Member,

We are contacting you to get your help in updating links. As you know palmOne spun off from Palm and acquired Handspring. Now the main site for Palm powered handhelds and Handspring Treo smartphones is palmone.com. If you have any links on your site linking to http://www.palm.com, could you please update them to http://www.palmone.com . You can still leave references in your text to palm and palm handhelds, however we would appreciate it if you could update the linking url. Thank you for your help. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Rachel Bakker
Online Marketing

I suppose I can try tracking down old links. The whole split is still a little weird to me. At least they’re not asking us to put the weird 1 in the middle of the name. 😉

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