May Meeting

Today’s meeting was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who came out. We started off with a presentation covering the new Zire 72. I’ll see if there’s a way to put the presentation on the web later. We had lots of interesting discussion on the best value in PalmOne PDAs right now, I think it’s the Tungsten E but Chris thinks it is the Zire 72.

After the PDA review we covered Bluetooth technology such as how profiles work between different devices. We tried to sync my Tungsten T to my laptop using its Bluetooth adapter and much to my surprise it worked. There was some general bluetooth discussion covering mice and keyboards (get Logitech) and the Treo all-in-one versus the Bluetooth Trio of a handheld, phone, and headset.

Finally we covered handheld PCs running Windows CE, 4 year old technology that is still pretty hot. The website Chris evangilized was Used

The other programs we talked about briefly during the meeting:


  1. Help

    My wife is very attached to a Palm V. I’ve even paid $100 (‘er so) to have the screen replaced once when I broke it. Anyway, we’ve upgraded her computer and she doesn’t have a serial port (?!) so I need a USB cable for syncing her palm. (Or do I?)

    Do you have any suggestions? I only found a few options on Ebay and the internet… The most prevalent option getting a terrible review from users… I am uncomfortable buying an aggressively third party cable without knowing something about it…

    Where should I go? What should I do?


  2. Hi, do you know any shops in Houston will repair my broken Zire 71?

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